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Bubble Gum Magic Custard Cake


Here is a completely different version of the magic cake. It has a taste of BUBBLE GUM ?! Yes, you heard quite right. It’s different and actually quite delicious. The cake is three layers which it forms in the oven. However, I was unlucky this time that the cake split in many places, which made the hot air go down to the middle layer, so it almost disappeared. This cake is therefore almost missing the middle layer, which is only 2 mm (it should be around 5mm-1 cm). But it’s not really something you can control, the cake controls it all! The middle layer should be a soft cream, the top is a cake, and the bottom is as a hard pudding. I will add a picture in the bottom of my vanilla version, so you can see how the 3 layers really should look like! The cake is still super delicious despite of the missing middle layer.


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